Twitter Account Claiming To Be Bsf Jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav’s Is Fake

NEW DELHI. A fake Twitter handle impersonating sacked BSF jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav has been misleading its followers on the micro-blogging platform with anti-India tweets.
The account goes by the name @JusticeForTej, as of now, and posts fake and malicious content about the Indian Army on a regular basis.
For the uninitiated, Yadav shot to fame after his video complaining about the sub-standard food served to jawans had gone viral last year. The former soldier often gets support from across the border. His video was also promoted by Pakistani intelligence agencies and he is reported to have over 500 Facebook friends from Pakistan.
Right from accusing Army officers of “raping women” to alleging their hand in the “murder” of veteran Indian actor Om Puri, the impersonator brazenly goes about spreading anti-India propaganda and lies.
Take a look at some of his slanderous tweets:

Fake claim example 1The fake handle recently passed off the photo of an Afghani teenager Sahar Gul, who was tortured by her in-laws in 2012, as the photo of a Muslim girl raped by an Indian army officer on Eid.

Fake claim example 2In another instance, the serial faker accused Indian army personnel of dragging an “innocent Kashmiri” for 2 kilometres, when in reality it was the body of LeT terrorist Abu Ismail who was shot dead.

Is a Pakistan national behind this?The fake Twitter account appears to be handled by a Pakistani on the basis of the language it employs. The fakester mourned the death of slain LeT commander Burhani Wani and hailed him his hero.

Prior to impersonating Yadav, the account went by the names of Rahul and Mahesh Verma. The fellow frequently changes the handle and the name on the Twitter account, possibly to avoid being suspended by the platform. He also celebrated the victory of the Pakistan cricket team in Champions trophy final last year and called it a win against “RSS team”.

Posting picture of Sikhs wrapped in Pakistani flag, the impersonator claimed Pakistan as a safe haven for minorities

No action by TwitterDespite a number of tweets reporting the handle and repeated complaints by proactive users alerting Twitter, the account is still actively spewing anti-India venom.


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